AMANI Birth    

... لبداية مباركة في الحياة   

...For a blessed start in life!

Welcome to AMANI Birth

At AMANI Birth, we are focused on providing  expectant parents with education to prepare for their birth and doula support with a focus on Islamic values.

Our affiliates are located around the globe and we hope that we have someone local in your community.   

Look around our website and reach out to the affiliates nearest you.  We pray that you get the best from our materials and are protected from harm. We'd also love to see you at one of our teacher/doula trainings soon! 

Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

(read our AMAI's paradigm, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for more details)

It’s important to note that this is not intended to be a medical reference or to replace professional care during pregnancy, labor, or birth.  Our teachers and doulas have extensive training in the theories of natural childbirth but are not clinically trained nor equipped to handle birth emergencies.  Please understand that a doula is not a midwife and we recommend that all mothers shop for medical care providers they trust.  The purpose is to explore the natural and normal functions of birth with trust in the design of the female body to carry out this function. Each woman should consider her personal situation and medical history and work closely with her birth team to achieve the safest and best birth experience for her and her baby.  Allah (SWT) has given us bodies to birth and medical interventions for the rare complications that may arise. We pray that AMANI Birth materials and training will be a source of confidence and encouragement to only employ those interventions when truly necessary.  We cannot stress enough the importance of good birth consumerism by women who are educated and empowered to keep control of their birth and make the best decisions for their particular situations. You have choices in birth; not making any choice is a choice that allows someone else full control over your experience and outcome.  Tie your camel: get educated, choose wisely and cautiously. Your baby, your recovery, your family, and our worldwide community depend on it!