AMANI Birth    

... لبداية مباركة في الحياة   

...For a blessed start in life!

AMANI Trainees,

Welcome to your page!

We are pleased to welcome you to the AMANI Birth family.  You are the key to our success and we are honored to share your journey.  

On this page are the links and instructions for completing your trainee period.  

(Remember to represent yourself as an "AMANI Birth Teacher or Doula in Training" until you've fully certified.)

May Allah bless your time and efforts and make it of benefit to the communities you serve.  

AMANI Website

Once you have completed all of your academic assignments you will be given access to establish your profile and also be able to participate in our forums and use our website email.

See Below for Academic Links for AMANI Birth Trainees 

All training is now in our new electronic learning system, Canvas.
Please go to Canvas to continue your training requirements.
Please contact us if you haven't received an invitation in your email
o join the Canvas course or if you have any questions.