AMANI Birth    

... لبداية مباركة في الحياة   

...For a blessed start in life!

It's all about mothers, babies, and the loving people who support them.

Assisting Mothers


for Active, Natural,

Instinctive Birth

Congratulations on             
your pregnancy!            

                                  Prepare for a blessed start in life.
May Allah bless you with ease and may all your 
children be healthy, granted maturity of years, 
and be counted amongst those who are pleasing 
to Allah and their parents.  Ameen.

AMANI works with medical care providers for the gentlest start in life.

  • Supports Choices

  • Teaches Couples

  • Empowers Families

  • Evidence Based

  • Islamic References

  • All Faiths Welcome

  • Trains Teachers

  • Trains Doulas

  • Medical Workshops

Your due date is the middle of a four week window.

AMANI Birth Teachers offer private classes, group sessions, women only, and couples classes.  Each teacher works on her own schedule and can be reached to make arrangements for your class.  It is preferred that classes be delivered weekly over ten weeks; however, teachers have leeway to modify the schedule to best fit your needs.  Classes should never be less than five sessions, with ten being optimal.  Please be sure your teacher is listed on our directory to ensure she is a certified AMANI Birth Teacher.  Please note that our student workbooks are not for sale to the general public and are included in AMANI Birth classes.  Each expectant mother should be given a new, color workbook, which is only available to mothers who are enrolled with one of our teachers.