AMANI Birth    

... لبداية مباركة في الحياة   

...For a blessed start in life!

Become an AMANI Birth 
Teacher and/or Doula

Thank you for your interest in certifying as an AMANI Birth 

Childbirth Educator and/or Doula (What is a Doula?)!  
We are pleased to welcome you to the AMANI family!  Take the fist step now...

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Training Program Overview

Your AMANI Birth training journey consists of 10 steps:

1. Complete and submit the application for training online.

2. Upon acceptance you will receive an email invitation to our learning management system.

3. Confirm enrollment in the workshop location of your choice and pay fees of 3000 SAR in Saudi Arabia, 3000 AED in UAE, $800 in USA (contact us for other locations.)

4. Attend a 21-hour live workshop (conducted over 3 to 5 days). 

5. Complete the online prerequisite assignments in our learning management system (submit your birth stories, read the AMANI Birth book and two other natural birth books of your choice and a breastfeeding book of your choice). [NOTE: It is advisable to complete as much of these assignments ahead of the workshop as possible; however, you will be given up to six months after the workshop to complete them if needed.]

6. Complete a list of references in your birth community (research and explore the services in your community).

7. Submit online self-evaluations of one series of classes (for Childbirth Educators) on our learning management system.

8. Submit an online self-evaluation for one doula birth (for Doulas) on our learning management system.

9. Complete an online exam on our learning management system at the end of the training period.

10. Submit the annual certification fee of $50 USD and become listed on our Teacher/Doula Directory.

Check out our list of proposed workshop locations.  

We are always willing to travel to new locations if there is enough interest.  

Let us know if you would like to coordinate a workshop in your location.

Take a look at our Childbirth Education Program and our Frequently Asked Questions.