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... لبداية مباركة في الحياة   

...For a blessed start in life!

What our Trainees & Affiliates Say

To-date we have trained over 400 potential 

AMANI Birth Teachers and Doulas in twenty countries.  

Below are some of the testimonials we have received:

It was an amazing experience. I was amazed to meet Aisha and her way of teaching was outstanding.

I got to know the essence of Amani and how to be a better person to be involved in our clients.

Fatima 9th June 2017: "The training was life changing, its changed the way i view pregnancy, motherhood, marriage and the medical system. It's given me a passion to want to inform and help others. It was definitely one of the best decisions I've made."

The training was so much more thorough that I thought it would be. I thought I would attend a three day class and become a doula. Instead, I attended a three day class, realized that I loved childbirth education, met a wonderful group of women and learned much more about Islam. I was struck how professional the training course was conducted as well as the follow-up assignments such as reading, book reports, teaching the class first and doing feedback, and then the test! This training is a legitimate, real deal and has prepared me immeasurably for being the best CBE and doula I can be. All the tools and support have been provided for me and are on-going and now it's up to me to get out there and do it!

Alhamdulillah, I have benefited lot from this workshop. Sis Aisha is a good trainer. She delivered her talk in such manner you would want to hear her talking again. She did alot of sharing which I like most about the class. Learning about the Stages of labour in depth and what are the natiral way to manage labour pain some Relaxation techniques and Breathing skills. With this certificate, it is a credit for myself to pursue my passion and I will be more confident to educate mothers out there that Natural Birth is possible when put your trust in Allah and work towards it. InshaAllah.

Wonderful. Every women should follow this workshop!

Very relaxed, informative, and friendly.

The workshop was organized, structured, and had clear objectives. Yet it was friendly, and I felt welcome amongst a diverse group of learners.

Interesting, more than I expected.

...there’s so many topics we discussed today and It gets more interesting every minute. I’m loving it!

I absolutely loved this training, the workshop, the book and the teachers guide.  I have learned so much from you both just listening to your story and the stories of women you have worked with.  I have found the AMANI Birth curriculum to be fulfilling and meeting my expectations, I'm impressed and honored to be a part of the AMANI Birth family! 

I’m very impressed with the birthing process that there is more than just normal and C-section birthing. Previously I didn't know about the natural birthing and the function of a doula. If I was aware about this I wouldn't have had a C-section.

Very informative, fun, shocking and very enlightening.

Fun, interesting, makes me want to learn more about natural birth.

It was a wonderful three day journey. In the end of the session I felt so enlightened and full of inspiration. I was so excited to start doing the ‘job’ and serve the community.

Excellent and fully informative.

It’s very good. I’ve been to a Hypnobirthing class before, so some of the concepts are similar. However what I loved about it was that it is Islamic-based; with hadeeths and Quranic verses.

Very thorough, factual, comprehensive. Impressive!

Lots of info to digest and be amazed of, subhana’Allah.

Very motivating to see so many breastfeeding and caring couples.

Loving atmosphere of alternative lifestyle, very respectful, adult/mature interactions.

Very informative, especially on the mechanism and process of physiological childbirth.

Excellent!! Wonderful group of sisters :) Very effective material :) Excellent Teacher (masha’Allah)!!

First of all, thank you! Jazaak Allah Kharun Katheera. One of the most beautiful lessons of any life!

It was good. Pace and discussions and information were well.

It was an eye opener as I’ve never experienced labor.

Great! Loved the activities!

Great information! Jazak Allahu Khair! May Allah Bless you and your family with all that is good in this life and the hereafter!

Great, good organization, good activities!

Loved it, and loved meeting like-minded people!

Very imformative! I feel confident to help women in labor.

Excellent, brilliant, amazing, beneficial, fun, action packed!

It was ABSOLUTELY amazing and of so much benefit!

It was good and I liked the practicle practice.

I thought it was very exciting and beneficial experience, Masha’Allah. I enjoyed it immensely.

Wonderful! I enjoyed every bit of it, masha’Allah!