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Earn an income with a flexible schedule!  Don’t miss your chance to enter the field of birth work as a Childbirth Educator or Doula!  17 Trainings across the United States coming soon!  We’re waiting to welcome you to the AMANI Birth Family!

NEWLY ADDED!  Dates updated for
Richmond, Atlanta, and Chicago.
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AMANI Birth has trained over 100 women in four countries to earn income working from home while serving their Muslim sisters during pregnancy, labor and birth.  

AMANI Childbirth Educators are supported with a 118-page curriculum and enjoy a fulfilling role to build better communities right from birth!

Insha’Allah, it’s time to put USA on the AMANI Birth map!

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USA Workshop Frequently Asked Questions...

Welcome to AMANI Birth.  We are thrilled to welcome you on our journey towards Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural Instinctive Births.  Below are some frequently asked questions by our trainees.